A few good reasons why you should buy a domain name

Do you really need a domain name? Is it worth the investment? What happens if the search engine rank stays low? These are some of the questions which are asked by potential website owners looking for domain names. They want to know the answers, especially when they know that they can start a website on [...]

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How is the domain name registration process regulated?

Domain names can be defined in many different ways, but they basically represent identification strings described and regulated by the Domain Name System or DNS. You should know that domain names can be used by one individual or organization at a time. To put it in simple words, domain names are representing Internet Protocol resources [...]

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The characteristics of a great domain name

Domain names are the Internet addresses or website addresses that online users type in their browsers when they want to visit a website. They usually end in .com even though there are many other domain extensions out there. Every domain name is pointing to a unique IP address. So, domain names are actually a simplified [...]

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