Do you really need a domain name? Is it worth the investment? What happens if the search engine rank stays low? These are some of the questions which are asked by potential website owners looking for domain names. They want to know the answers, especially when they know that they can start a website on a free domain provided by platforms like WordPress and Blogger. While it’s true that you can take that road, it’s also true that there are many advantages to buying a domain name.

Effective and reliable

In case you purchase a domain name, you will tell the world that your business (or whatever the reason behind your website is) is serious and reliable. Modern Internet users find paid domain names safer and more effective.

Easy to memorize

In case you own a domain name, you can rest assured that there is no other person or organization that has the same domain name. As you are probably aware, domain names are unique. Now compare this option to free domain names. It’s obviously easier to memorize a unique domain name.

No limitations

In case you get a free domain, the platform that’s offering free domains can decide to close your account without any prior notification. They can come up with any reason they want to limit or terminate your blog or website. On the other hand, if you own a domain name you can pick a host and avoid these limitations. Of course, we should point out that you will still have to follow some basic rules and conditions.

Better for SEO

There is no doubt that a paid premium domain name is much better than using a free domain name solution in terms of SEO. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo prefer websites that have unique domain names. You will have to work really hard to rank a free domain. The situation is different when you have your own domain name and especially if this domain name contains some keywords.

It’s cheap

Finally, we’ve left the best reason for the end – domain names are cheap. You can buy a domain name with a top-level domain extension (.com, .net or .biz for example) for just a couple of dollars. But, before doing that, our advice is to check the terms and find out how much would you pay once the registration period is over.